Get ready for Beer and Chili from Monkey Paw Brewing!


Another acclaimed brewery joining us in the SoNo Fest beer garden this year is Monkey Paw Brewing. They’re going be in the beer garden and competing in our chili-cook off and we couldn’t be more excited!


Situated in the East Village, in what used to be a dive bar called The Jewel Box, Monkey Paw’s pub and tasting room retains all of that laid back charm while offering killer bar food and truly outstanding beer. Although they serve beers from many other breweries in the area, they have stand-outs from their own lineup that shouldn’t be missed.


Sweet Georgia Brown (5.8% ABV) started out as a traditional, Southern English Brown ale but has evolved into a caramel nosed rustic brown ale, heavy on the malts, light on the hops and incredibly drinkable. This beer has won numerous awards and medals and is a superior pair to the fried pretzel that they have on their menu.


Another one of their stand-out beers is Mighty Joe Young (6% ABV), an American Stout with a full bodied yet not too rich flavor profile. This stout might be hoppier than your average stout, which is probably the reason why I love it so much, but it’s still incredibly balanced with a malt-forward flavor that is reminiscent of iced coffee, dark chocolate and toast.


Monkey Paw is more than just beer though. Their menu of inspired bar food includes gooey cheese steaks, spicy wings and “stoner fries” which are waffle fries topped with any meat, cheese and veggie that you want. Yum!

We are super thankful to these guys for their SoNo Fest support, so stop by their pub the next time you are in the mood for a beer and a bite!

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