Best Overall – Toronado San Diego – “Totally Rad” Chef Missy Sandoval // Smoked Lamb Leg, Tri-tip Chipotle Chili

Best Vegetarian – Monkey Paw Brewery – Chef Onan Davis // Vegan “Blairsteak” Chili with Mushrooms, Peppers and Monkey Paw Corneilius Stout

Most UniqueSouth Park Brewing Company – Chef Luis Aguirre // Shrimp and Seafood “Sausage Style” Smoked Chili Topped with Roasted Corn Bread and Smoked Jalapeno Cream

The People’s Choice Award – West Coast Tavern – Chef Abe Botello // West Coast Style Chili with Short Rib, Tri Tip and White Navy Beans


Best Overall –  Small Bar – Owner Karen Blair’s short rib chili with mild heat

Best Vegetarian –  Kensington Café – Vegan chili

Most Unique –  Waypoint Public – Chef Caleb Ayres house-made chorizo and brisket, smoked porter, charred jalapeno crema

The People’s Choice Award –  Carnitas Snack Shack – Smokehouse Kings smoked brisket / prime rib eye / kidney-pinto beans / tomato/ spice

38 competing restaurants in 2014



Best Overall –  Carnitas Snack Shack  – Smoked rib guajillo chili with cheddar cornbread croutons

Best Vegetarian –  Sipz Vegetarian Fusion Café – Vegan chili with soyrizo

Most Unique –  Blind Lady Ale House – Duck and pork chili verde

The People’s Choice Award –  Mosaic Wine Bar – Spicy alligator and beef chili with a bourbon barrel stout

29 competing restaurants in 2013



Best Overall –  Tie between Ritual Tavern and Blind Lady Ale House 

Best Vegetarian –   Ranchos Cocina

Most Unique –  Urban Solace

The People’s Choice Award –  Kensington Grill

24 competing restaurants in 2012



Best Overall Chili – The Smoking Goat

2nd Best Overall –  West Coast Tavern

3rd Best Overall –  Kensington Grill

Best Vegetarian –  Kensington Cafe

2nd Best Vegetarian –  Alchemy

Most Unique –  El Take it Easy and Sea Rocket Bistro (Tie for 1st)

2nd Most Unique Kensington Grill

3rd Most Unique Ritual Tavern

21 competing restaurants in 2011



Best Overall Chili –  Ritual Tavern

Best Overall 2nd –  Sombrero

Best Overall 3rd – Vagabond

Best Vegetarian –  SoHo Restaurant and Lounge

Best Vegetarian 2nd – Splash Wine Bar

Best Vegetarian 3rdWest Coast Tavern

Most Unique – Vagabond

Most Unique 2nd – True North

Most Unique 3rd – Sombrero

18 competing restaurants in 2010



Best Overall – Rebecca’s Coffeehouse 

2nd Best Overall –  The Linkery

3rd Best Overall – Station Tavern

9 competing restaurants in 2009. Held inside San Diego Ceramic Connection.


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